Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to school

Finally P's school opened today. phew.. what a relief!

Three long months of summer vacation was pure insanity. By the end of it, even he was bored. He just wanted to go back to school, away from his mom and just be with his friends and teacher. Suits me because even I need some quiet time when I don't have a background music going on "mamma.. mamma..mamma".

So finally both of us are happy... hopefully till next summer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brokeback Mountain..!

Well, I probably wasn't listening when they gave reviews of this movie or the book! Probably the voices had drifted away over the chatter of my four year old.

So I am not sure if it was a good idea to have ordered this book without knowing the reviews.

Recently I joined online library ( and thought it to be nice to read "Brokeback Mountain" since I haven't got a chance to see the movie.

I am not sure if it was a good read or not. Perhaps I should just stick to John Grisham or Robin Cook :-) Read the plot and forget about it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A kind soul..

Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had no symptoms.. no clues but suddenly I had to rush to emergency for palpitations and shortness of breath. The diagnosis came out to be high level of TSH. I am a stay-at-home mom. I am in no hurry to meet deadlines as corporate women would, so the high levels of TSH is not easily explainable.

So as expected.. i am going through this "Why me?" phase.
In all this, I could think of one friend to call and talk to. I haven't met this person in donkey's years.. probably not since my sixth grade.. believe me that was at least 2 decades back. I am sure he was caught off guard and wondering why in the world is this lady calling me. But somehow talking to him made me feel better. He is into meditation and obviously advises me to start meditating. He is not wrong but I just am a stubborn mule. The moral of the story is you never know who can be of help in times when you are feeling low. He is such a kind soul to listen to me (not that he can do much since we are not even in same city) in times when I am really down. I can't thank him enough. So I thought the least I could do is blog for him.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Think before you speak..

I often wonder why would someone shoot themselves in the foot?

Well, when someone is invited for the opening ceremony of Modern Art Gallery, you would expect him to be sensible and sensitive to the very subject he is inaugurating. Our great minister couldn't resist his temptation and said that modern art is distorting Indian heritage and culture. This obviously infuriated the art community.

Modern artists experiment with new ways of seeing, and with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of art. There is a tendency toward abstraction in much modern art. If you look, you will find meaning in modern art.

But who are these guys talking about Indian heritage and culture? Are they holding PH.D or Masters in this subject. Have they studied Indian heritage in depth? For God's sake, most of them aren't even graduates...let alone Masters!

Moreover, is our Indian heritage so weak that it will get distorted with a few strokes of brushes and paint?
If Khajuraho temples, which make a bold( I should say "REALLY BOLD") artistic statement, are considered fine example of Indian art. Then how come abstract piece of work be distorting Indian heritage and culture?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wish this horse had some luck!

Horse-shoe is believed to bring good luck. Well, this horse had four horse-shoes but poor animal was dragging a heavy cart in middle of a sunny afternoon.

I was on my way to pick up my son from school. I saw a thin, tired and overworked horse being made to stand on three legs while a man nailed the horse-shoe on it's fourth leg. I don't know if it hurts to nail on a shoe or just that the poor animal had become insensitive to pain. It probably was so exhausted in the heat that it didn't mind standing in the shade and getting a shoe nailed. Perhaps the shoe helps it in dragging the cart. I am no expert. But certainly it didn't bring any luck to the poor animal.

May be I should call on animal rights group. But I am sure the horse-cart and the man have moved on with their life and business. They won't be found.

I can only pray silently for that poor horse wishing that at least one of it's four horse-shoes turn out to be a lucky charm for it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dating couples caught on V-day will be married off...

Now the world has come to this! What you thought, we live in the largest democracy. Think again. Before you take your girl-friend out on V-day, think if you are ready for marriage. If you are caught by the moral-police, you might end up marrying to her. Well, look at the brighter side, in this gloomy economy you won't have to spend a dime to get married. Plus you might get free publicity if a media person photographs you.

I seriously feel that people need to mind their own business. The minister for Women and Children development rightly said that the person, who is not married him, can't talk of marrying others off. They say it's against our culture to celebrate V-day and go to pubs. Next what? Our ancestors didn't wear Jockey briefs. So should we go back to using piece of cloth to cover our "assets". Come on, be realistic. There are far bigger problems at hand than going against dating couples.

Another question that comes to my mind is does marriage give you the license to do anything? Does that mean the "so-called-moral-police" will not have any objections if married couples be intimate on streets. What are they even getting at? Why can't they stand up for kids who are exploited and abused? Why can't they stand up for women who are battered? Why can't they take up one kid and teach him?

I agree commercialization of V-day has happened, But I don't understand if somebody spends money that his or her problem. Also it keeps the economy rolling. So what are we harping at?

The question still remains do we really need to go after dating couples and take out all the fun out of V-day?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The million dollar question...

It's actually more than a million dollar question. My son is now four years old. So technically speaking I have come to a point where I need to start thinking about having a sibling for Pranav. Should I or should I not?

Everybody around me seems to be talking of having a sibling for their older kid. I strongly feel one is enough. I think back when Pranav was a baby. The sleep-less nights, dirty diapers, the feeding, peeing, pooping sessions... the positing, potty training. Is it really all worth the trouble? Or am I being just selfish?

The counter argument that everybody seem to be having is he will have a blood relation to fall back on. I agree. But these days how many of us really have time to maintain these so called blood relations. My brother is in USA. He and I hardly find a common time to talk. We end up talking only on each others birthdays. But yes, I do have a brother whom I can call up anytime. That won't be the case for Pranav. But should I feel guilt about it. Look at the brighter side, he will never have to compromise on anything. If he wants further education, he can have it. We don't have to choose which kid will go for education abroad. I have seen parents make this tough decision and I think it's not worth to go through that choice.

Anyways, currently I am fixated and made up my mind that I am having only one kid.
Lets rest this matter as of now.